Private Occupational Therapy Services

Private Occupational Therapy Services

Functional rehabilitation

Our occupational therapists are experinced with a range of difficulties caused by a variety of conditions or incidents. Whether it be following a heart attack, surgery, orthopaedic trauma or just the challenges of older age, our occupational therapists will work in partnership with you to set goals that are meaningful and personal to you. Such as regaining independence in making lunch, getting washed and dressed, managing independently in the toilet or getting to the shops. We will provide rehabilitation programmes, activities or techniques to help restore your previous level of function or assist you to adapt to your new one.

Home Adaptations and Equipment

When skills cannot be regained following an illness, disability or the ageing process, the use of equipment and adaptation of the environment enables individuals to continue to access essential facilities within their home environment. Equipment can include items such as bathing aids or toileting equipment to enable you to carry out personal care tasks safely and independently. Minor adaptations may be the fitting of grab rails or half steps and major adaptations include items such as stair lifts, vertical lifts, level access showers and ramped access to the property.


Benefits of adaptations:

  • Improved independence with daily tasks such as washing, dressing and toileting.
  • Restores confidence and dignity
  • Keeps you in your home
  • Improves quality of life enabling you to do what you want to
  • Reduces the burden and reliance on carers
  • Reduces social isolation and encourages more interaction with friends and family.

Elderly Care and Falls Prevention 

As we become older there is a tendency to lose muscle strength, joint stability, mobility and balance. A fall can knock your confidence and make you fearful of carrying about your regular lifestyle. Our therapists are trained in creating programmes which will help to improve your strength, mobility and balance and come up with strategies to reduce the risk of falling.

  • Personalised strength and balance programme
  • Restore confidence
  • Suggest home adaptations to make your life easier
  • Trial different mobility aids
  • Practice walking outside and to the shops

Anxiety Management

Anxiety can affect people in a variety of ways; from ongoing low-level feeling of pain or fear, through to a debilitating effect on all aspects of an individual’s life. Especially when faced with long term health conditions. Our occupational therapists provide support and guidance to people with anxiety to help them reduce the effect on their daily life and achieve the most from their day.